Proton e.MAS – Proton Car Brand Focuses on Electric Vehicles

Proton is the first vehicle manufacturer in Malaysia, and today officially announced the next phase in vehicle development, focusing on electric vehicles. In parallel, Proton introduced a new brand that will focus on electric vehicles, called Proton e.MAS.

For now, no new vehicle models under Proton e.MAS have been announced. In parallel with the announcement of this new brand, Proton also shared some of their plans in the electric vehicle arena.

Among them is working with a number of charging service providers to install charging stations at various Proton branches nationwide. At the same time, Proton aims for around 20 branches to be selected for the initial stage to manage their electric vehicles.

Besides that, Proton will also later introduce a special application for electric vehicle management, more or less like the one offered for Smart vehicles.

With this development, we are all looking forward to the first vehicle under the Proton e.MAS.

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