Qualcomm Adreno X1 Graphics Chip Details Revealed

Although a number of laptops using the Qualcomm Snapdragon X processing chip were shown by several brands last week at the Computex Taipei event, a number of details about the chip series are still unknown, such as the built-in graphics processing chip.

Now, Qualcomm has shown some new and important details about the Qualcomm Adreno X1, which is the chip that will power the graphics part of the SoC Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus. It's the first generation of such graphics chips, and the numbers behind it will increase with each new version.

In terms of model naming, the most "powerful" graphics chip in this series is the Adreno X1-85 chip, where the number "8" shows the GPU level, and "5" indicates the highest SKU model in that level.

For example, Adreno X1-85 comes with six shader units, and comes with the ability to process as much as 4.6 TFLOPs of data and 72 million pixels every second. To resemble gaming performance on a computer, it supports various graphics APIs such as DirectX 12.1, DirectX 11, Vulkan 1.3 and OpenCL 3.0.

Qualcomm also claims that the Snapdragon X Elite SoC with the Adreno X1-85 chip can run certain games at 1080p resolution, matching what can be done on Intel Meteor Lake laptops with Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processing chips such as Rocket League, Horizon Zero Dawn, Cyberpunk 2077 and God of War 2018.

In the meantime, Qualcomm also seems to introduce some new things about their graphics chips. First is the periodic update which they say will arrive every month to optimize performance for different types of games.

Second is the introduction of the Adreno Control Panel software, which looks to work similarly to the GeForce Experience and AMD Radeon Adrenaline software. It will be responsible for software updates and also ensure that this graphics chip shows satisfactory gaming performance.

Qualcomm says that this laptop with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processing chip will be shown starting June 18, and more details about this chip will be shown later.

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