Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 Real Images Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 will be launched in early July before the Paris Olympics. With the launch date fast approaching, a real image of the device finally leaked today via Reddit.

Promotional images for both devices reveal the Z Fold6's increasingly boxy body design similar to that of the Galaxy S245 Ultra. It does not end there, the hole for the speaker is also of the thin slot type used on the Galaxy S24 series and is no longer three round holes. The design of the three cameras on the back also looks neater.

Meanwhile, the design of the Z Flip6 is also becoming more boxy, but the outer screen is still the same as the Z Flip5. It can also be seen that the metal loop on the dual camera on the back of the device also stands out more with the same color as the body.

Previously we reported that the Z Fold6 design will be changed with an outer screen with the same ratio as the Galaxy S24 Ultra screen. This allows the external screen to be used more comfortably because it is not so elongated.

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