Samsung Sues Oura Before Galaxy Ring Is Launched

The Samsung Galaxy Ring smart ring will be launched next July. Although this product has not yet been sold, Samsung sued Oura before they were sued by the company. Oura, which is also a manufacturer of smart rings, has sued several companies that offer similar products, allegedly infringing their patents.

In the writ of summons filed, Samsung wants to take action against Oura before they are sued. Samsung wants to insist that they are not infringing five patents owned by Oura on the Galaxy Ring. The five patents are for sensors, electronics, batteries and scores displayed in applications based on data from sensors. According to Samsung all the patents owned by Oura are common features on all smart rings.

Oura currently dominates the smart ring market since the product was first launched in 2016. They have several times sued companies trying to enter the smart ring market for alleged patent infringement.

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