Seven Bank Opens Operations In Malaysia – Plans To Focus On ATM Machine Services In Selangor

Seven Bank, one of the firms that focuses on offering financial services, especially ATM machine services in Japan, is now seen also expanding its business to Malaysia. Seven Bank is expected to offer their ATM machine services in Selangor by the end of 2024.

Seven Bank started in Japan with a focus on if 7-Eleven has an ATM. Seven Bank offers their services 24 hours a day, in addition to having some additional services such as topping up transport cards and so on.

For the Malaysian market, Seven Bank says there are around 15,000 ATM machines in Malaysia, and the ratio between the population and ATM machines is around 1 million to 446 ATM machines. This at the same time shows great potential in expanding their ATM machine business in Malaysia.

Seven Bank is expected to start offering ATM machine services in Selangor as early as October 2024.

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