Shopee Rebrands "Instant Delivery" To "Same Day Delivery" - Receive Purchased Items On The Same Day

Shopee is now seen to have rebranded the instant delivery feature "Instant Delivery" to a new name that may be more friendly to the public, which is "Same Day Delivery". This also gives the impression that the consumer will receive the goods purchased on the same day. For information, Shopee makes this feature possible through the use of delivery partner ShopeeFood.

This order is subject to a select few sellers, and for orders placed before 2pm on a given day only. Orders placed after 2pm will be received the next day.

Along with this rebranding, the same-day delivery feature has been extended to selected areas around Johor, Penang, Perak and Sabah – in addition to the Klang Valley. The distance between the seller and the buyer must also be within 30 kilometers, in addition to being small.

Anyway, for information, this express delivery charge is sometimes more expensive than the normal delivery charge, since it is calculated according to the distance per kilometer, after the basic charge of RM5. Shopee is offering a RM7 coupon in conjunction with the introduction of this new feature for a limited time.

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