Steam Updated With Screen Recording And Replay Support

If you play video games with a PC, the Xbox app does offer a Game Bar with screen recording support but it's not very user-friendly. Another method is to use third-party applications that usually have to be paid for to get the best features. Recently, Steam has been updated with a new screen recording feature.

This feature is Game Recording and it is still in beta phase. In addition to recording, the Clip feature allows users to edit videos such as resize or cut to more important moments. The Replay feature allows this feature to record important moments to replay the clip for a few seconds. Replay only works with games that support Steam Overlay. Lastly is Share which makes it easy for users to share the results of the screen recording to other devices, in a chat room with friends or directly share it in MP4 format.

The new screen recording feature can also run in the background and perform automatic screen recording to save directly to the user's device storage. This Game Recording Beta can be tested by Steam users on PC as well as Steam Deck users. It is a free feature without any payment. If you've been looking for a free way to record your screen while playing video, here's your chance.

To try go to Settings in Steam, select Interface then select Beta Participation. There are two options either Steam Beta Update or Steam Families Beta, choose one. After finishing go to Settings and find Game Recording. Then select the recording mode, either Background or On Demand Recording.

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