Suno And Udio Sued By Music Recording Company For Alleged Copyright Infringement

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) companies Suno and Udio have been sued by Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Records for allegedly infringing their music copyrights. In a writ of summons filed, these record companies say generative AI-generated music will compete with, devalue and take the place of human-produced music.

Allegations of copyright infringement of their music are based on Suno and Udio's ability to produce songs that sound the same as those produced by the company's recording artists. The AI-generated singer's voice also resembles some artists such as ABBA and Michael Jackson.

The record company wants to ask for damages of $150,000 (~RM706,000) for each song copyright infringed by the two AI companies. Suno is accused of infringing the copyright of 662 songs while Udio is higher with 1,670 songs.

Last month, Sony Music warned 700 companies not to use their artists' music to train AI models. The names of these companies were not disclosed at the time. Just a few days ago Sony Music paid £1 billion to the members of the band Queen to buy the catalog and publishing rights of the band's songs. With high costs already incurred to own copyrights, record companies are now finally starting to sue AI companies that infringe on them.

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