Telegram Introduces Telegram Stars To Pay For Services And Digital Goods

Telegram has now announced the introduction of a new feature called Telegram Stars. Through it, it makes it easier for users to pay for any digital service or product directly through Telegram, and pay using these Telegram Stars.

For this introductory stage, Telegram Stars can be used to pay for Telegram Bots and also mini-applications in the respective Telegram service.

Users must first purchase these Telegram Stars using Telegram's in-app purchase support, and then use them to spend in the Telegram ecosystem. Funds generated through Telegram Stars can be withdrawn in the form of Toncoins.

Telegram says that Telegram Stars is still in its infancy, and that users will soon be able to use it to pay content publishers and influencers on the Telegram platform – much like Facebook and TikTok.

With over 900 million users, let's all look forward to how these Telegram Stars will change transactions and the ecosystem in Telegram.

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