Various Computer Accessories With Copilot Buttons Shown At Computex

At Computex 2024, various accessory manufacturers also displayed products with special Copilot keys. This is because Microsoft does not mandate this key and there will be new keyless laptops for quick access to this AI feature.

To solve this problem, many computer accessories such as keyboards and mice are starting to integrate their own Copilot keys. Among them is the Genius brand. They have 4 keyboards and 2 mice with special Copilot keys. Each of these products is marketed as Copilot + Office.

First is the Ergo KB-700 Ergonomic Keyboard with Palm Rest using an ergonomic design. Then there is the SlimStar 820 Illuminated Slim Keyboard for easy portability. Then the KM-82065 Wireless Silent Keyboard Combo and the KM-82165 Wireless Al Silent Keyboard Combo offer silent key switches and a mouse as a bundle.

As for the mouse, Ergo 8100S Al Wireless Al Silent Mouse Ergonomic and Ergo 8230S Wireless Vertical Silent Mouse Ergonomic are offered as mice with Copilot keys by default but are said to be changeable by users. This mouse targets productivity and creative use.

No price has been disclosed. According to Genius representatives, they are trying to be an alternative to Logitech with a more affordable selling price. If sold in Malaysia would you like to buy it?

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