All New Cars In The EU Must Be Equipped With Speed ​​Limiting Systems Starting Next Week

In 2022, the European Union issued new legislation requiring all cars sold to be equipped with intelligent speed limit technology, or ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance). ISA will limit vehicle speed based on location and the maximum speed allowed on the road. Starting July 7, all new cars in the EU must be equipped with the ISA system.

If the driver exceeds the speed, three types of warnings will be given by the car so that they reduce the speed of the vehicle. The first warning is that the vehicle's power pedal pushes the driver's foot and it vibrates. Then a warning in the form of audio and an icon on the dashboard is given. The vehicle will not be stopped because the driver can ignore the three warnings given.

The gas pedal can be pressed harder to return to driving faster. The audio and icon warnings will stop after being given a few times. The ISA system will then be switched off and will only come back to work when the vehicle is restarted.

The ISA system was not produced to control the driving style of residents of EU countries. It is simply a warning system for safety purposes and to prevent drivers from breaking the law. Sometimes drivers do not intend to break the speed limit and are subsequently sued. With this system ISA can give a warning before being sued.

Although it will only be enforced next week, cars sold in the EU market will already be equipped with ISA since July 6, 2022. Among the brands that have installed the ISA system on their vehicles are Citroen, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Peugeot, Renault and Volvo.

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