Apple Targets Higher iPhone 16 Demand This Year – Parallels AI Integration Introduction

Apple is now reported to have informed their suppliers to increase production by around 10%, at the same time it is seen aiming to produce at least 90 million units for the iPhone 16 series that will be introduced this year.

Apple is aiming for iPhone 16 demand to be higher than ever, in line with the introduction of Apple Intelligence features and the integration of artificial intelligence into their operating system – requiring higher processing power, at the same time expected to make users switch to newer devices.

This Bloomberg sharing also shows that Apple is aiming for higher 2024 annual revenue, in parallel with the introduction of artificial intelligence features in their operating system. For now, Apple is still looking for a partner for the integration of artificial intelligence. During the introduction of Apple Intelligence during the day, Apple announced the integration of support from ChatGPT. However, one of Apple's biggest markets, namely China, does not have ChatGPT support – leaving Apple to find a local partner there, which has not yet been announced.

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