Apple Vision Pro Will Also Support Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence is a generative artificial intelligence feature by Apple that focuses on processing from within the device. It's already built into devices with any Apple Silicon or A17 Pro chip. It also requires at least 8GB of RAM. Most recently, Apple Intelligence is said to be coming to Apple Vision Pro.

Features like summarizing notifications, help writing emails, Genmoji, brand new Siri and more are reported by Mark Gurman to come to this advanced Apple headset. This feature also won't arrive this year as it's still in development and Apple's engineering team wants to make sure their Apple Intelligence feature works well for the world of spatial computing.

Apple Intelligence is also coming to HomePod but not the existing one. Existing models use 1GB of RAM memory so do not have enough power to process Apple's generative artificial intelligence technology. Instead, the new HomePod with a touchscreen is likely to be Apple's next AI device. Apple Intelligence is also said to be Apple's most important digital product and may receive updates like iCloud and other Apple products.

At the same time, Apple has also started the development of iOS 19, macOS 16, watchOS 12, and visionOS 3. Each has projects with the code names Luck, Cheer, Nepali and Discovery. Although iOS 18 and other new operating systems have not yet arrived at the stable phase, new generation versions need to be developed to be released on schedule as usual.

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