"Cheap" Apple Vision May Use Big Screen With Lower Resolution

The development of the second generation Apple Vision Pro has been paused because Apple is said to want to focus on the cheaper version first. This version is said to require an iPhone or Mac connection unlike the Vision Pro which can work independently. The latest, cheaper version of the Apple Vision is said to use a larger screen but a lower resolution.

A report by The Elec states that Apple had to find an alternative screen supplier other than Sony because of the need for more production. Therefore, Samsung Display and LG Display are now candidates for OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) suppliers or another name is mikroOLED. The requested screen specifications are from 2.0-inch to 2.1-inch with 1700 PPI. Apple Vision Pro now uses a 1.42-inch size with 3400 PPI.

With reports of Apple looking for microOLED screen suppliers, it reinforces earlier reports that Apple is serious about developing a more affordable Vision headset. So far Samsung has a 1.03-inch microOLED screen with high brightness in collaboration with eMagin, while LG has a 1.3-inch 4K screen with a brightness of 10,000 nits. These two new components are also said to be likely to interest Apple. Let's all look forward to more information about the affordable Apple Vision.

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