DJI, Already Popular With Its Drone Offerings, Will Now Introduce Electric Bicycles

DJI is already a popular brand offering a wide variety of drones. Now, in addition to offering drones, DJI is also seen entering the electric bike arena through a new brand, Amflow Bikes.

Through an Instagram photo, DJI shows that it will introduce a new electric bicycle in the near future. DJI is expected to introduce it officially, parallel to EUROBIKE 2023 which starts today. Entering this new industry also allows DJI to continue to expand their brand and premium offerings into other product categories – not to mention now that DJI is under threat of being banned in the United States.

This electric bike is seen to be powered by a DJI Avinox motor, and uses a mountain bike design. We may also see comprehensive integration under the DJI ecosystem, including through applications to monitor usage performance and so on. With this new image, let's all look forward to more about the introduction of this bike in the near future.

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