Meta Gen 3D Generates 3D Objects In Less Than A Minute

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) can generate images, videos, songs, codes, and video games based on user-provided proms. Today Meta also announced Meta Gen 3D generative AI that can generate objects in less than a minute. This makes it a 3D object generator that is up to ten times faster than other 3D object generators that exist today.

It not only becomes a 3D object with high-resolution textures but can also generate textures for 3D objects produced by artists themselves by simply entering a prom. Multiple different textures can be generated for the same 3D object.

Meta Gen 3D combines the Meta 3D AssetGen model that generates polygons for 3D objects and the Meta 3D TextureGen model that generates textures for objects. Meta sees Meta Gen 3D can be used to produce assets for video games and even the architecture industry to produce 3D models faster.

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