Meta Will Delete Content Insulting Zionists On Facebook And Instagram

Meta today decided that content that uses the word zionist for the purpose of insulting all Jewish individuals and Israel will be deleted from Facebook and Instagram. This is because the word zionist is now used by certain groups as an excuse to attack all Jewish individuals and Israel. In this case, it violates the terms of the site which does not allow hateful content.

Using Zionist terms to criticize political movements is still allowed. But status content such as "all zionists must be killed" is however prohibited because it falls into the category of encouraging terrorism.

Other Zionist content that is not allowed on Meta's platform is as below.

They claim to control the world or control the media;

Inhumane comparisons, such as comparisons to pigs, excrement or vermin.

Advice to injure.

Denial of existence.

Loads for the purpose of mocking for being sick.

Just a few weeks ago Meta allowed the use of the term shahid on Facebook and Instagram after taking recommendations from the Facebook Oversight Board. Previously Meta banned the use of this term because it was allegedly used to glorify violence. The use of the term martyr increased after the October 7 incident and content commemorating the martyred cloud people was deleted without regard to context.

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