Microsoft And Apple Reject Watchdog Posts On OpenAI

Microsoft today appears to have left its supervisory board position on OpenAI - seen by many as an effort to avoid getting into trouble with regulatory bodies later on. In addition to Microsoft, Apple, which has been reported to be planning to join the OpenAI supervisory board, is also said to have rejected the offer.

Touching on it, OpenAI now states that they are forming a new method of frequently meeting with partners such as Microsoft and Apple, in addition to investors to share current developments, as well as the mission to ensure their platform is secure.

It is speculated that the tech giants do not want to be involved with OpenAI to avoid being investigated by regulatory bodies, especially in the European Union. Lately, several things involving artificial intelligence companies and firms have started to be questioned by many, including in terms of privacy, data authenticity, and so on. Of course the giants don't want to be involved in any negativity like this, and distance themselves as much as possible.

For information, previously Microsoft has invested around $10 billion, giving Microsoft access to a number of OpenAI products, as well as ensuring the development of OpenAI artificial intelligence is done using Microsoft infrastructure.

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