Microsoft's former CEO Steve Ballmer's net worth now surpasses that of Bill Gates

The wealth value of the former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer is now seen to have surpassed the founder of Microsoft himself, Bill Gates. Through the latest updated figures, Steve Ballmer has a wealth value of $158 billion, while Bill Gates is worth $157 billion. This is also in line with Steve Ballmer's position as Microsoft's highest individual shareholder.

There are a number of reasons why Steve Ballmer's holdings are ahead of Bill Gates's, including due to some of Bill Gates' investment portfolios not leading to high returns such as Microsoft stock holdings. In addition, Bill Gates also contributed a certain amount of wealth for the purpose of donation.

Bill Gates has so far donated more than $60 billion under the Gates Foundation. Steve Ballmer is not left behind and is ready to form the Ballmer Group which provides funds for organizations and individuals in shaping and expanding economic access in the United States.

Steve Ballmer was previously the CEO of Microsoft in 2000 until 2014, where under him Microsoft bought Nokia, developed Windows Phone, and also gave more focus to developers.

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