NVIDIA To Be Investigated In France For Monopoly Practices

NVIDIA is reportedly to be investigated in France for business practices that allegedly monopolize the GPU market for artificial intelligence (AI). At this point NVIDIA has a hold of around 90% of the GPU market used to drive the processing of training large language models (LLM) needed to produce AI.

The target of the investigation is the use of CUDA software which is the only one compatible with NVIDIA GPUs. Without the support of other software, NVIDIA has an increasingly strong market hold. This became a catalyst for Intel, Google, Arm, Qualcomm, Samsung and several other technology companies to establish The Unified Acceleration Foundation (UXL) which is an open software platform.

Through UXL, AI development will no longer be tied to usage such as specific programming languages, code bases and other tools that tie them to specific architectures, to the CUDA platform.

NVIDIA is also facing similar investigations in the United States by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Only in the United States, they will be investigated together with Microsoft and OpenAI because all three companies are seen trying to monopolize the AI ​​industry.

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