OnePlus 13 May Support IP69 Water And Dust Protection

OnePlus has been including water and dust protection support on their flagship devices for several years. This feature is one of the most appreciated because it makes it easy for users to use the device regardless of the situation. Most recently, the OnePlus 13 is rumored to support even more formidable protection.

The protection that will be used is likely to be IP69, one of the highest in Ingress Protection standards. IP 6 9, 6 is for dust protection that can last up to 8 hours with a gust of wind. Then 9 is for water protection with high pressure jet spray support. If it's true that this is supported, it's one of the best OnePlus has ever offered after years of inconsistency from IP68 to IP64 then IP65.

Another thing that will be supported on the OnePlus 13 is that the under-screen fingerprint scanner will use an ultrasonic type like Samsung devices. For the camera, OnePlus 13 will use a configuration of 50MP Sony LYT808 wide angle + 2x 50MP Sony LYT600 for ultra wide angle and telephoto 3x optical zoom. The device will also support 100W SuperVOOC charging and a flat curved screen.

Let's all look forward to more information on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 device by OnePlus later. While awaiting the device's arrival, we have reviewed the OnePlus 12 and think they're almost Set.

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