Proton Registers e.MAS7 Trademark – Maybe First EV Name e.MAS?

Last month Proton introduced their electric vehicle brand, e.MAS. Not more than a month passed, today Nextrift reported that Proton had already registered the e.MAS7 trademark on June 13 through MyIPO, a day after the announcement of the e.MAS brand.

This e.MAS7 trademark is also complete with text and logo, and may provide an official sign for their first EV model that will be on the market by the end of this year. There are rumors that the first e.MAS model is based on the Geely Galaxy E5 which is also an EV.

Geely Galaxy E5 also has a larger size than Proton X70, and if seen from the introduction of Geely models introduced by Proton, such as X70 and S70, it is likely that this e.MAS model will be the first to have the number 7, thus e.MAS7 is seen to have high probability to be the final name of the first EV from Proton.

Regardless, we all have to wait until the official announcement from Proton for the first e.MAS model in December 2024.

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