Samsung Call Assist Feature Will Support 20 Languages ​​By End of 2024

The Call Assist feature was introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series earlier this year with the ability to translate phone calls in real time. At tonight's Unpacked event, Samsung now says Live Call Translate will support 20 languages ​​by the end of 2024.

At launch, this feature only supported 13 languages. What makes it interesting is that it uses an AI model built into the device and therefore works without requiring a connection to the internet. What 7 new languages ​​will be introduced later has not yet been officially announced. Previously, Samsung said Bahasa Malaysia support would be provided in the near future.

At the same time, Samsung tuurt said Live Translate support will also support various popular global applications in the near future. Previously on the Galaxy S24 series, it was only supported on Samsung applications, WhatsApp and Messenger only.

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