Shell Recharge Exempts ParkEasy Reservation Fees If EV Owners Present to Charge Within 10 Minutes

Also today, Shell Recharge announced that charging parking reservation fees through ParkEasy will be waived if EV owners show up to charge within 10 minutes. This is good news for EV owners because with this charging costs will be cheaper.

Some locations have different reservation fees such as Shell Recharge Mint Hotel, Sg Besi will be charged RM 5 while in Genting Highland will be charged RM 8. This reservation fee exemption is offered for all locations and all types of AC & DC charging.

With the exception of parking reservations when charging is used within 10 minutes, it may make charging reservations a bit challenging if EV owners are far from Shell Recharge chargers, but it can also open up opportunities for more EV owners to use Shell Recharge at a lower cost. In fact, this is also another good step after the adjustment of the charging rate from using the rate per minute, to the rate per kWh that started earlier this year.

This reservation fee waiver will start on 15 July 2024 through the ParkEasy application and for a limited period from 15 July until 15 August 2024, ParkEasy is also offering a RM 30 Shell voucher for every top-up of 100 ParkEasy credits.

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