Telegram Now Makes It Easy For Users To Search Stories Through Location And Hashtags

Sharing stories on the Telegram app tends to be more interesting with some new updates. Through the Search Stories by Location and Search Stories by Hashtag functions, users can easily search stories through location tags and included hashtags.

It can be considered interesting that allows users to share various interesting experiences regarding an event, ceremony and so on with their respective contacts. At the same time, it opens up opportunities for content creators to interact with others more actively while expanding each other's influence.

Its use is quite simple by just clicking on the included tag then the user can see various contents of stories with the corresponding tag. However, it must be emphasized that only the content of stories designated as public can be accessed. Otherwise, it will not appear at all.

Other updates that were also introduced include the Mini App Bar which provides a special bar to run several applications simultaneously. Then facilitate the process of switching between applications quickly and smoothly. Users can also earn extra money by posting exclusive content that can only be seen by those who pay for it using Telegram Stars. Paid users can add custom links to stories updates while creating interesting previews including the ability to change the background.

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