4 Online Study Tips for Semester and School Exam Preparation


Next month is an important time for school children at all levels of education. There are semester exams and school exams or upgrades. Due to the pandemic situation, Distance Learning (PJJ) is still implemented in all schools. So that students learn and test online or virtually from their respective homes.

Learning from last year's experience, the implementation of this year's studies and examinations should be more prepared and mature. However, it is possible that there are still things that are obstacles and challenges. Ranging from learning facilities, access to information and question exercises to learning motivation.

To earn the best grades and results, here are some online study tips for semester and school exam preparation.

1. Build motivation to learn

Remember your dreams and ambitions. This will encourage the spirit of learning and achieve the best results. To spark motivation, you can redecorate the place or study room to be more fresh and give an aura of enthusiasm to learn. Make it as comfortable as possible in terms of cleanliness. lighting, seating and textbook arrangement.

2. Vibrant food

For a spirited learning atmosphere and full focus, start with breakfast. An empty stomach often makes us damp and weak. Also prepare favorite snacks to accompany you in studying, but remember not to focus on food, keep focusing on the lesson.

3. Do simple tasks and rehearse questions

Doing simple assignments and doing question exercises in advance will make you more motivated to learn and concentrate. Once everything is healthy, then touch the hardest part. If you reverse it, you’re worried you’ll be confused or dizzy because of a difficult problem, which eventually feels loose.

4. Stable Internet network

For the smooth running of distance learning or online school, a stable internet network is required. If the signal is slow or not fast, it will disrupt communication and activities. We may lose some material that may be important.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right provider so that the internet network is always stable and smooth while studying online. In this case, select a 4.5G internet network.

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