7 The perfect time to change your old smartphone to a new one

Along with the development of digital technology, the presence of smartphones has become an important part of human life. Many important and important things can be done from this smartphone device. Ranging from communicating and running a contact shop, reading news online, studying, working and doing business to financial transactions.

To support all these activities, smartphone manufacturers are competing to present mobile phones with the latest and futuristic technology. Every year they launch new smartphones aimed at various groups. So the question arises, when is the right time to replace an old cell phone? Is every year or 5 years like an election?

Plus, these are some good times to replace a new smartphone, in addition to dead cell phones and cracked screens.

1. Phone performance becomes slow

Over time the performance of smartphones can decline. You will feel it while accessing heavy applications. The more memory is used, it will overload the work of the phone. Especially if the cell phone is old enough to use. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reports that the average lifespan of a smartphone is around 4.7 years.

2. The operating system is old school

Operating systems like Android launch a new OS almost once a year. If the OS owned by your smartphone is far from the latest, you should replace it with a smartphone with an updated OS. The old OS makes smartphone apps difficult to update. As a result, applications can often crash or even not work. In addition, you also lose a number of apps that offer new experiences.

3. The battery runs out quickly

In the future, charging a cell phone will only take 6 minutes

Six minutes is an impossible number when charging a cell phone, but this latest technology will prove it

The more frequently used, the quality of the smartphone battery can also decline. Heavier applications also drain the battery quickly. After a charging cycle of more than a year, the standby time of the battery will not be the same as when you first bought it. If you’re charging a little and you can’t get out of the power bank, you should think about switching to a new smartphone.

4. Full data storage

The more sophisticated photographic activities and applications are used, the greater the data storage used. When it’s full, you can’t do anything else. Expanding the micro SD slot is usually an alternative, but if the interior is too full, you should think about replacing the smartphone with more RAM and ROM.

 5. Poor camera quality

Smartphone camera technology continues to evolve and offer something new, including in terms of cameras. Now, not long since the era of smartphone cameras one lens, but 4 lenses, friends. If you feel that photography is important and camera features are no longer worthy, then replacing a smartphone with a better camera quality is the way out.

6. New technologies and features

The emergence of new technologies and significant improvements in a number of features have prompted a number of gadget lovers to own new smartphones. Those who are tech savvy can even switch smartphones almost once a year. This refers to the habit of smartphone manufacturers launching new series every year. In addition, not a few of them have more than one smartphone.

7. Discounts and Promotions

Who is not interested in discounts and promotions? If interesting, this could be a great time to replace an old phone and switch to a new one. At the beginning of its launch, smartphone manufacturers were able to provide benefits to consumers in the form of cashback, vouchers and bundling with other devices.

In addition, buying a smartphone through certain e-commerce is also an attractive alternative to experience discounts and cash back.

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