Complete the functionality of Gdrive, plus how to use it on laptops and computers


You must be familiar with Gdrive, right? This is one of the products from Google that is widely used for storing online based files. So, if one day you need it for some business, for example, you need documents in the form of scanned certificates, birth certificates, identity cards, and other documents, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Just open Gdrive and everything is in order.
Gdrive function

So far, most users use Gdrive to store files only. But more than that, Gdrive functions a lot. Here are some other functions besides saving files.

1. File Share

In addition to storing files, Gdrive can also be used to share files. Even with a large size at once. Then you can also invite people more quickly so they can see it right away, make comments, and edit files. So you can collaborate with others easily.

2. Editing Files

Another function of Gdrive is to edit files, in the form of Word, Excel, or Power Point. When you finish editing, the file will be automatically saved in Gdrive. Not only that, in Gdrive you can also create new worksheets. You don’t even have to use a laptop, because Android can do it too.

3. Back up files

This becomes a big problem if at the moment your mobile phone and laptop are broken and the data in them has not been backed up. But if it has been backed up in physical storage, viruses are also a dangerous threat to your data. To find a safe path, then use Gdrive to back up everything. Guaranteed this is a safe place to put all your data from the risk of being lost or infected with a virus.

4. Save the Link

While you are surfing the internet and want to save important links to read later, use gdrive to save them. You just need to install the Gdrive extension in Google Chrome. Then click the triangle icon in the browser to save the link you are currently opening. Or you can right -click on the link and select "Save Link to Google Drive".

How To Use Gdrive On A Laptop or Computer

To use Gdrive if you use a laptop or computer, then the way is as follows:

1. The first step, you must open first.

2. Then sign in to Google.

3. After that, click the New menu in the upper left.

4. If necessary, you can create a folder first by clicking the Folder menu.

5. After creating a new folder, then click the + menu again in the previous third step.

6. You can choose to upload files or upload one folder at a time.

7. You just have to wait until the upload process is complete

How to Save Files on Gdrive Android

If you are using Android to store files on gdrive, then the way is as follows:

1. Open File Explorer in Android. If you want to save a photo or video, open the gallery on Android.

2. Then select the file you want to upload. You can select one file or a large number at once.

3. Then click the Submit menu. You can find it at the bottom after selecting the file.

4. Then select the Save to Drive menu.

5. Wait for a while until the upload process is complete.

So, now you know what the function of Gdrive is? Where Gdrive is not just for storing files. Although how to use it is quite simple, both on laptops and on Android without having to learn it in a long time.
Complete the functionality of Gdrive, plus how to use it on laptops and computers Complete the functionality of Gdrive, plus how to use it on laptops and computers Reviewed by thecekodok on 9:37:00 PM Rating: 5
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