4 Tips For Students To Manage Finances Well


 The life of a student is not something that is easy to go through, especially when it involves financial matters. Certainly many students out there will face difficulties in tackling the challenge of getting a degree.

Although, most of these students have a subsistence allowance from PTPTN loans, but it does not promise a comfortable life all the time at the place of study. If the students do not take the initiative to improve their finances, they will surely face a more difficult life.

Here are 4 simple tips to help students to have a more stable financial management even though they still do not have a job and a fixed salary.

1. Choose a Restaurant Wisely

Being a student is definitely not one to run away from eating. When the stomach is hungry for sure, can't focus while studying.

However, due to certain factors, students will not be able to cook and bring their own rice and side dishes. Therefore, the best way is to wisely choose a place to eat depending on the level of ability of each.

Don’t just think of eating well in fancy restaurants at expensive prices. What is more important is to consume enough food to provide energy to focus on daily studies.

Want to save more, practice fasting circumcision Monday and Thursday.

2. Shop Wisely

A student definitely needs to spend a lot of money to buy textbooks, exercise books, reference books, stationery and many more. Sometimes we even need to print notes in a photocopy shop that can reach hundreds of pages.

That's why we have to spend wisely and survey which stores offer the best prices. Can ask our other seniors about stores that offer service and reasonable prices.

Other than that, when I want to shop for food stocks, buy satisfying things. For example: -Oat-Malt 3 in 1, vermicelli, tomyam cubes. Buy lots of eggs. Can make half -cooked eggs for breakfast before class. If the University allows a rice cooker, buy rice.

3. There needs to be savings

As a student, it is not an excuse for you not to have any savings. While this is the best time to cultivate the attitude of saving as soon as there is more money.

Can start with a small amount in advance, even coins can. Slowly increase the amount of savings.

4. Find Side Income

Last tip, find a way to generate side income or side income. Among them can sell top-ups, perfumes, burgers and more.

Most interestingly we have met students who work part time as cleaners at MaidEasy. Well done bro!

While earning more money, while teaching us the knowledge and skills to communicate with people. When we have experience from the beginning, it will be useful when we step into the world of work later.

Let's practice these tips, all students.

But for those who have graduated, they must feel sorry because they didn't know and didn't take action to do so?