What Should A Wife Do After Her Husband's Death?



I really can't describe the sadness when death occurs. Even so, a wife has to persevere in the face of her husband’s death because there are still children and families who need to move on with life.

There are actually many things a wife has to do after the death of her husband. Among the important matters to be resolved are the payment of debts of the deceased, withdrawal of savings as well as obtaining money for hibah and takaful claims.

It needs to be done immediately to avoid in the future. The slower the action is taken the slower the process is done.

Here are 4 main things that the wife needs to complete first after the death of her husband.

1. Debt Review

Debts are obligatory to be paid. We as heirs are responsible for settling the debts of the deceased.

And today, we and debt are indeed hard to avoid. It doesn't matter if it's a car loan or a home loan.

Inform the financial institution or bank where the deceased has made a loan and still has outstanding. Find out how much debt balance needs to be paid.

However, there are debts that will be settled because there is a protection package or takaful that can provide protection in the event of death.

Among them is MLTT or MRTT for housing financing. It is hoped that the protection is sufficient to settle the remaining debt.

2. Review of Takaful or Hibah Coverage

To facilitate the work of the wife and heirs, it is necessary to know who is the husband's takaful agent. Or if the deceased has a financial advisor (financial planner).

If the husband has a life takaful plan with a large amount, the heirs and wife can use the money to settle existing debts.

After paying off the debt, the balance can be used as spending money to continue living.

One of the uses of takaful is as a tool for 'income replacement'. If anything happens, the heirs will be able to compensate on death or be unable to work due to an accident.

3. Review of Savings and Investments

If the husband has an EPF contribution during his life, the wife or heirs must come to any nearby EPF branch to make the EPF withdrawal.

The same is the case with savings in ASB, Tabung Haji and so on. Money in unit trusts or stock investments can also be withdrawn by submitting appropriate evidence.

We do need to grieve and mourn when our beloved husband dies. But we must also strengthen the spirit and continue living for the sake of the children and families that are still there.

Hopefully with a little bit of relics, it can also help.