8 Business Secrets of the Prophet's Way


Rasulullah SAW is a human being who should be used as an example to everyone. His father was Abdullah bin Abdul Muthallib, his mother was named Aminah, both from the tribe of Quraish in Mecca who were descendants of Prophet Ismail bin Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Rasulullah SAW is the chosen Messenger of Allah who was sent to mankind to guide us to the guidance of Allah; do good and prevent evil and believe in God. Before the advent of Rasulullah SAW, human beings were on the verge of destruction due to their ignorance.

He has been in business since he was 12 years old. Under the care of Abu Talib AS, Rasulullah SAW started following Abdul Talib AS in business all the way to Syria. Abdul Talib was a business mentor to Rasulullah when he was young and Rasulullah was a great businessman.

At one time, during business, Rasulullah SAW had gained more profit than other entrepreneurs in the same group. Due to the greatness of Rasulullah SAW in business, he met his wife, Siti Khadijah (who is also a great entrepreneur) when he was 25 years old.

Business is an important thing in Islam, and even a terminology that is often mentioned in the Quran, for example:

"Surely those who always read the Book of Allah and keep up prayer and donate from what We have bestowed on them secretly or openly, they expect a kind of business that will not lose"

- Surah Faatir Ayat 29

“O you who believe. Shall I show you a business that can save you from an unbearable torment?

That is, you believe in Allah and His Messenger, and you fight to defend and uphold the religion of Allah with your possessions and yourselves, that is better for you, if you want to know "

-Surah As-Saff Verses 10-11

Why does God mention business and not work? Because the business is something profitable and requires the effort of our own four -legged bones. And it can also be detrimental if not carried out properly.

And Rasulullah SAW is often mistaken for poor. No, he is a rich man.

It's just that the life he leads is not like that of rich people. No multi-storey houses, no big TVs, no Ferrari cars.

But when His Majesty goes out to fight, for example to fight. His armor, his sword is of the best, his war horses are of the best kind. The meaning of the whole property of His Majesty is used to fight for Islam, not for personal use.

In fact, the Prophet used to tie stones in his stomach to keep from hunger.

Let's look at the business secrets of Rasulullah SAW's way as follows:

1. Never Argue

Rasulullah SAW used to when doing business, never hurt the hearts of other traders. This is acknowledged by those who have dealt with him before he was appointed as an Apostle again.

On one occasion, a trader named Saib bin Ali Saib came to see Rasulullah SAW. Seeing Saib coming, Rasulullah SAW said, “Come, come. Welcome my brother, and my business partner who has never quarreled, ”said Rasulullah SAW.

Saib responded by saying, "We never quarrel because the trader is always straight and accurate with his calculations."

2. Unique Selling Techniques

According to narration, the Prophet sold his goods unlike the practice of most traders or other merchants at that time. Both Arab and non -Arab traders.

Usually the traders mostly they sell their merchandise by putting the price as high as possible. But the Prophet sold it by telling the price of the principal and asking the customers or buyers to pay how much price they wanted.

This way the buyer feels satisfied and happy because they feel not cheated by the trader. Then they bought with great sales until the goods of the Prophet sold the best and quickly sold out compared to other friends of the Prophet.

Apart from that, the Prophet also took the attitude of selling at a capital price when the buyer was a really poor person but needed the goods. He was very considerate and very compassionate to fellow human beings.

Is there a person who sells his merchandise at a capital price?

3. Always Smile

Another remarkable attraction that has attracted buyers to approach the Prophet’s goods is His attitude and face during the sale. As a human being who is ready to be made by Allah with a handsome and charming face and likes to throw smiles at people, then the Prophet has used the advantages that Allah has bestowed on him.

With a sweet and charming face adorned with a sweet smile, surely the beauty and elegance that radiates on one's face is increasing. Customers really like people who have a sweet face and always give a smile.

4. Be honest

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

"Traders who can be trusted and trustworthy, will be with the Prophets, those who can be trusted and those who were martyred"

-Hadith Narrated by Al-Imam At-Tarmizi

In this context, honesty is emphasized because honesty is one of the most important elements in business. fraud.

One day, Rasulullah SAW was walking in the market area of ​​Madinah. He passed in front of a trader who sold piles of fruits. Rasulullah SAW inspected the fruits by putting his hand in a pile.

Then Rasulullah SAW pulled his hand out and showed his wet finger to the trader. "Is this you?" asked the Prophet SAW.

"It's raining, sir," said the trader.

"Why don't you put the wet fruit on top so people can see it?" said the Prophet SAW.

Then he said again, "Whoever deceives, he is not my follower."

5. Do not swear falsely

Strictly, Rasulullah SAW condemned the practice of trade which is full of deception. Especially until swearing falsely, containing elements of usury or doing business on the black market. Because, the model of running a business like that not only harms others, but also makes the business run unblessed.

It is as confirmed by the Prophet SAW in a hadith:

"Sellers and buyers have the right to vote as long as they are not separated. When they are honest and want to explain (the condition of the goods), they will be blessed in their trade. And if they lie and cover up (defective goods) their blessings of buying and selling will be removed. ”

- Hadith Muslim History

Rasulullah SAW taught the companions not to take an oath, other than resulting in the loss of his blessings.

6. Gentle

Rasulullah SAW always practiced kindness and gentleness when doing business.

Jabir has narrated that Rasulullah SAW said which means:

"Allah SWT showers blessings on people who do good when they sell, when they buy and when they make demands."

7. Not Pursuing Wealth Alone

Rasulullah SAW worked hard to find a halal livelihood. His Majesty ran a business not only to support His Majesty but also to strengthen His Majesty's potential so that rich people would come forward to lend their capital to be used by His Majesty for business purposes.

Muamalah like this is highly encouraged by Islam because there is an element of help among those who are and are not.

O you who believe, do not remember that it is lawful to do as you please about the signs of the religion of Allah, and about the months that are honored, and about the animals that are given (to Makkah for sacrifice), and about the animals' hoofs. the gift, and as for those who go to the Sacred House, seeking the bounty of their Lord (by way of business) and seeking His pleasure (by performing Hajj in the Holy Land); and when you have completed ihram then you may hunt. And never let your hatred of a people because they once barred you from the Sacred Mosque-push you to invade. And help one another in righteousness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and aggression. And keep your duty to Allah, for verily Allah is severe in punishment. "

-Surah Al-Maaidah Ayat 2

8. Fluent in Speaking Words

Rasulullah SAW is a person who has fluency in speech, he said. His speech was soft, soft to hear, never lied and always honest. Therefore, it is not surprising that when he ran Khadijah's property business, he made a lot of profit.

There is a hadith that narrates the eloquence of the Prophet which has been narrated by Al-Tarmizi from Syaidatina Aishah which means:

“It is Rasulullah SAW who speaks with words that are clear and clear and firm, can be understood by everyone who hears it (sitting with the Prophet).

So, to the traders, let us emulate the business methods of Rasulullah SAW. May we be rewarded for following the sunnah of the Prophet and receive blessings in this world and in the hereafter.

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