Bill Gates Says About Corona Virus Leaked from Wuhan Laboratory


Bill Gates during his divorce with Melinda was still watching the development of the Corona outbreak, including the virus theory that was still leaking from the Wuhan lab. What did the founders of Microsoft say about it?
Speaking in an interview with cable television in the United States, Bill Gates said hunting down the origins of the Corona virus will not change important things that citizens should always do, such as wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

Gates also tends to believe that the Corona virus originated in nature. On the other hand, as quoted from The Australian, he said that an investigation still needed to be done even though he considered it irrelevant to save the victims of the outbreak.

“The last scientific paper I saw showed evidence against the theory of laboratory leaks, but we should investigate these things, but they are not directly related to specific actions to save lives,” Bill Gates said.

The theory of the Corona virus leak from the lab is being investigated specifically by U.S. spies on the orders of president Joe Biden. Sources stated that the intelligence obtained big data containing genetic traces from virus samples studied in Wuhan laboratories.

If intelligence can decipher this raw data, there may be evidence of Corona from the Wuhan lab or vice versa, not originating from there.

It is unclear how U.S. agents were able to obtain this confidential information. Presumably, the machines involved in creating and processing the genetic data from this virus are connected to an external cloud server, so that it can be hacked.

There is indeed a great difficulty, which is how to turn raw data into valuable information. To do so, U.S. intelligence relies on processing by supercomputers located at the Department of Energy’s National Laboratory.
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