Watery Planet Found Near Earth, Maybe It Could Live


Planets with water and rocks were found. It's pretty close to Earth, "only" 35 light -years from here. Scientists reveal, maybe the planet has all the components that make life possible there.
Researchers from the European Space Observatory (ESO) say that exoplanets are at the right distance from bright and cold stars, so that water can flow on its surface.

Astronomers see planets in the southern constellation Volans, located in the "Goldilocks" solar system or habitable zone. Scientists believe that this zone allows for survival.

"We have indications of the presence of terrestrial planets in the habitable zone of this system," said lead author Dr. Olivier Demangeon of the University of Porto in Portugal, quoted from Studyfinds.org.

Not just one, there are also other exoplanets. A second unconfirmed planet further away from the star, named L 98-59, may also support life as we know it.

"Planets in the habitable zone may have atmospheres that can protect and support life," added co -author Professor Maria Osorio of the Center for Astrobiology in Madrid, Spain.

This discovery is an important step in the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe. The findings come from an analysis of data collected by the European Space Observatory (VLT) Telescope in Chile. The telescope finds exoplanets from systems such as Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

The detection of life will depend on the team’s ability to study the atmosphere of each planet. Currently, the telescopes used are not large enough to achieve this. The European Space Agency (ARIEL (Large Surveillance of Infrared Far Atmospheric Sensing Exoplanets) will only do so by the end of this decade.
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