Wuhan Lab Boss Says New Corona Variants Will Continue To Appear


New variants of the Corona COVID-19 virus are said to continue to appear in the future. This is because higher infection rates give the virus more chances to mutate.
That's according to Shi Zhengli, director of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Center at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). The woman, nicknamed the bat woman, because she had long studied the bat virus, alluded to a Delta variant that was first detected in India.

Currently, the Delta variant is a big problem in many countries due to higher transmission rates. Delta variants according to the World Health Organization (WHO) have been detected in 98 countries.

Although the Corona virus is predicted to continue to mutate, Zhengli asked everyone to remain calm. In addition, he advised everyone to get the Corona vaccine as soon as possible.

"We don't have to panic, but we have to prepare to live with this Corona virus in the long run," he said.

Vaccination is said to be adequate protection for the Corona virus and its mutations. Zhengli says that although vaccines cannot prevent infection, they are still effective in preventing Corona symptoms from worsening or making patients critical.

The preventive measures that have been taken so far are still effective. “Prevent crowds, practice staying away, wear masks and wash hands regularly,” he said.

On the other hand, Zhengli was one of the scientists at the Wuhan Laboratory who came to attention because of the theory that the Corona virus leak from the laboratory was still echoed. Not long ago, he denied all the allegations. "How can I open evidence for something that doesn't exist?" he said.

“I don’t know why the world came here, constantly pouring out its evil on innocent scientists,” he added in a brief statement.
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