China was angry when US Politicians Corona Virus Came From Wuhan Laboratory

U.S. Republican politician Michael McCaul claims that his party has investigated the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the belief that the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory is the culprit. This accusation angered the Chinese government.
As reported, McCaul said the Corona virus was created in the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He also accused China of trying hard to shut it down.

"They play with fire. They manipulate it genetically in the lab," he said.

Global Times, China’s national media) stated that China’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed the allegations.

“The ministry says that the report is based on false lies and untrue facts without providing evidence, and is not credible or scientific,” they said.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the allegations and called it immoral to defame China. Further, the investigation should have been conducted in the American laboratory itself, i.e. at Fort Detrick. These U.S. military laboratories are often blamed by China as the cause of the Corona virus.

"The U.S. has given more funds and done more experiments in this area than anyone else. Why didn't members of Congress check it out there and is it possible or not that he created the Corona virus?" said the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

In the Republican investigation, it was alleged there was some evidence that the Corona virus originated from the Wuhan Laboratory. It has been suggested that the virus may have spread in China by September 2019, before the WHO and the Chinese government officially announced it later that year.

In September according to this report, the genetic sequence database at the Wuhan Laboratory was suddenly offline in the middle of the night. McCaul believes that’s because they’re trying to cover up something big.

Later satellite imaging at the time reported increased activity at the hospital near the Wuhan Laboratory. A few months after the coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan Laboratories called for a major overhaul of its air safety and waste system, even though it had only been in operation for less than two years.
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