120W Charger on Xiaomi 11T Pro, Is it Safe?

 Xiaomi has released the Xiaomi 11T Pro in China which is equipped with a 120W charger. Isn't it dangerous to use a charger with that much power?

This 120W charger technology is called by Xiaomi under the name HyperCharge, and is a very big improvement compared to the charger in the Mi 11, which is 'only' 55W. With only 55W of power, charging the Mi 11 battery from empty to full only takes 45 minutes.

Xiaomi has not revealed the charging time for the 11T Pro, but previously the Mi 10 Ultra which was charged using a 120W charger only took 23 minutes to fully charge.

This very fast charging certainly raises questions. Is it safe to charge the battery that fast?

Well, Daniel Desjarlais, International Head of Communications and Global Spokeperson at Xiaomi explains the security and technology in the HyperCharge.

He explained his charger technology using the analogy of filling petrol in a car. According to him, charging HyperCharge is like filling gas in a car that has two different tanks through two different holes.

This technology relies on the dual-cell battery design used in the 11T Pro, similar to what Oppo implemented through VOOC technology.

"So instead of charging at a low speed on one side, you can charge both at the same time. All this is done on the phone side, the charger can put out 120 watts instead of trying to push the maximum limit of five volts. This allows us to improve everything, everything is done with 20 amperes," he concluded.

Then, he also explained the impact of this 120W charger on battery health. According to him, with existing technology, the battery life of the 11T Pro will be the same as other conventional phones.

"This is something we have really tested over and over again. With charging this fast, after 800 charge cycles you still have 80% battery health," Desjerlais concluded.

That 20% loss of capacity may seem like a big deal, but according to Desjerlais, it's normal in all battery charging technologies.

"800 charge cycles, for most people, is two years of use. So it's still fine," he explains.

Of course, Desjerlais didn't just talk. Apple, for example, says that the iPhone's battery capacity will decrease by 20% after 500 charge cycles. So based on Desjerlais's claim -- if true -- then the 11T Pro's battery life will be better than the iPhone's battery life.

Xiaomi will be holding a global launch event on September 15, 2021, and the Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro seem to be one of the 'stars' at the event.

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