New Game Release, Gravity Game Prize-Sharing Link

 Gravity Game Link (GGL), game publisher Ragnarok Online, released a new game titled The Lord. To celebrate the launch of the game, they distributed gifts.

The Lord is a mobile game of the strategy genre, and is the first non-Ragnarok mobile game of this genre from Gravity Game Link.

The Lord will be the first non-Ragnarok mobile game with a strategy genre launched by Gravity Game Link. Previously, apart from Indonesia, this game has been released with versions from other countries in Southeast Asia.

"This game has very easy gameplay and does not require high mobile device specifications, so it will be very suitable to be played by gamers in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia," he added.

The main gameplay in The Lord is to test the player's strategy skills by taking on the role of the ruler of the kingdom. The initial level for new players is the Knight level, then it will continue to rise to the highest rank, namely Viscount.

To reach this rank, players must carry out various missions and regularly take care of the Kingdom's politics, agriculture and trade, as well as recruit troops to achieve victory on the battlefield.

The background of this game is based on a mix of real history and classic literary works from the middle ages.

Famous figures such as King Leonidas of Sparta, Alexander the Great, Lancelot the Knight of the Round Table, to the legendary ruler of Asia, Genghis Khan, will become heroes who help lead the royal war troops and complete the main mission.

Each of these heroes has abilities in their respective fields. Players must adjust the level of the hero in order to be able to carry out various different missions.

The gameplay is promised to be easy, suitable for all circles, both beginners and experts. Likewise, the minimum spec required is high, meaning that it can be played smoothly on phones with low specifications.

The excitement of the Grand Launching of The Lord game is complemented by an Install-Play & Win event with the grand prize of a Yamaha Gear 125 motorcycle, and various consolation prizes such as Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 14, Huawei Matepad R, Samsung Galaxy M32 and many other prizes.

The trick is to install The Lord game on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and play this game until you have a Character with the title Viscount 1 during the event period, which is September 9 to October 10, 2021.

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