2 Ways to Change the Background on Google Meet, From Easy to Complicated

 Do you already know how to change the background in Google Meet? If not, you've come to the right article.

Given the pandemic is still taking shelter in our beloved homeland. Some orders of human life, began to shift in the opposite direction.

All activities that can be managed in online mode, are forced to be held virtually. For example, such as office meetings or online classes.

When done virtually, several applications suddenly rose in popularity, from Google Meet to Zoom. Well, on this occasion, we will show you how to change the background in Google Meet, so that your display is more varied.

2 Ways to Change Google Meet Background


There are two ways to be presented. However, first of all, we want to provide a model that requires more effort or in other words, that is complicated.

The thing to note is that you must first prepare a software called OBS. In addition, also provide a green screen with the size you want.

Here are the steps:

If you have installed OBS, go into it.

Then click the Tools menu

Select VirtualCam under Script

If it's not there, then you have to download it on the official OBS website and install it as usual. You can also click the following link: OBS VirtualCam.

After installing, go back to OBS and follow steps two and three.

In the Options section, check AutoStart. Then in Target Camera, select OBS-Camera and click Start.

Close the OBS VirtualCam display by clicking the cross, don't click stop.

In the Source column, click the plus symbol (+) and select Video Capture Device, then click OK.

After that, select the computer's default camera, to show your face with a green screen background and press OK.

Next, click the plus symbol again in the Source column, to select Image.

Select the desired background through your gallery and OK.

Drag the Image layer earlier, to the bottom of the Video Capture Device in the Source column.

To remove the green screen, click once on Video Capture Device and select the filter feature above it.

In the Effect Filters section, use the Chroma Key, OK and Close.

Then simply visit Google Meet.

Select the three dots at the bottom, to go to the Settings menu.

Select Video and the Camera section is changed to OBS Camera.


Google Meet

The second way will be much easier and simpler than before. Because you can directly change the background through the default Google Meet feature.

No need to prepare a green screen or go through troublesome steps. Here are the steps that can be followed.

Go directly to Google Meet

Make sure in the Video section using the laptop's built-in camera.

Then click the three-dot symbol in the initial screen

Choose Change Background

Next, simply determine what image or GIF you will use as the background.

If you want to customize the background is very easy. Just press plus (+) or Use Image From Disk and choose what you want.


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