5 WhatsApp 'tapping' applications to peek at spouses and children


Curious about the contents of your partner or child's WhatsApp? Maybe you can try some of the following WhatsApp spying applications.

Sometimes, we can't deny it or avoid it, sometimes there is a sense of suspicion towards a husband, wife, boyfriend or child. For example, related to the activities of partners who are not told or buying and selling goods without our knowledge.

Maybe at some point we can check the WhatsApp of our partner or child. But it may also be very difficult to do that.

If so, you can try several types of WhatsApp spy applications whose function is to 'tap' the contents of the 'Whatsapp' of people we know. You usually need a phone number and follow the instructions for use.

What are the choices, take a look at the following as compiled from Techdim, Monday (13/9/2021):

1. Spyier

The Spyier application functions to view WhatsApp notes from an Android phone or iPhone. This app needs the target phone number. Later, Spyier users can see the target's WhatsApp messages.

2. Spyic

Spyic is probably also one of the most popular WhatsApp hacking apps. In addition to hacking your partner's WhatsApp, you can also use this application to educate teenagers.

3. Cocospy

Cocospy is an application that is suitable for 'tapping' WhatsApp. This application has even been tested by various groups from around the world. Cocospy is designed as a lightweight and easy to use hacking app.

4. Minspy

Another application that is believed to be able to spy on WhatsApp partners or children without any hassle is Minspy. In addition to messages and call history, users can also download photos and videos on the target's WhatsApp, you know. Minspy can also recover deleted messages.

5. Spyine

Another amazing WhatsApp hacking app is Spyine. Spyine is a spy application that is very convenient to use. You can install the Spyine application and run the program anywhere. For example on a cell phone or computer. With Spyine, you will efficiently hack your partner's WhatsApp either via Android or iOS.

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