6 Tips for Creating Interesting and Targeted Video Content Using HP


The development of the digital world has opened up opportunities for everyone to become a content creator on social media with only a cellphone (HP). Moreover, there is an opportunity to earn a tantalizing amount of income.

For those of you who are just starting out, here are 6 tips from SnackVideo to be a content creator to create interesting and targeted videos.

1. Determine the topic or theme of the short video according to your interests and talents

Choose a video theme according to your interests and talents, which you find interesting to make, such as video tutorials, parodies, dances and other fun content. Then adjust it with the background music of your choice so that the chances of the video being found by the right audience are even greater.

Then, regularly create and upload videos with related or similar topics so that the resulting content can remain consistent. That way, your chances of being found by an audience who have the same interests as you are even greater.


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2. Join the ongoing trend

There are many viral videos that can inspire you to start creating content. Various music or songs available can be your initial capital to work, especially if the music or song is being used by other creators.

You can also dub or dub videos that are already available and follow an existing concept, this will make it easier and faster for you to quickly create and upload videos. Don't plagiarize content from other creators without giving credit, try to just take inspiration and keep creating original content on SnackVideo.

3. Follow the challenges or challenges that are currently circulating

At SnackVideo, there are many challenges that you can take on and make your own video content. To start creating video content on SnackVideo, you can try one of the viral challenges such as #TransformasiGanteng or #JogetFantastik, record the video, and start sharing your video challenges regularly. Keeping up with challenges like these is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create short videos for content creators just starting out.

In addition, don't hesitate to add hashtags or hashtags to the description or caption, because this is a powerful way to get your videos on the explore page, making them easier to find by other users who are looking for similar content. Make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to the video you are uploading, so that your content can reach your intended audience.

4. Diligently interact with other creators

Leave comments, likes, and share videos of other creators that you enjoy on other social media that you have. Don't forget to mark the name of the creator as a form of your appreciation. Besides that, you can also get to know other creators through the Messages feature on SnackVideo to expand your network. This way, your presence on SnackVideo will be noticed by many people, which will help increase engagement and audience coverage that can find your videos.

5. Take advantage of the ease of editing features

There are many types of creative videos that can be made through SnackVideo. The various editing features available in SnackVideo are very practical and easy to use, making it easier for you to be creative and make videos as interesting as possible.

You can add color filters, add music or record sound, add stickers or pictures, as well as write photos and effects on videos with the touch of a finger.

In addition, you can also draw directly on the video you want to upload with several choices of effects. And most importantly, you can determine which pieces of video you want to display according to the storyline of the video. The editing features in SnackVideo are easily searchable so anyone can become a creator.

6. Share videos to various social media platforms

In order to further increase your popularity as a content creator, don't forget to share the videos you make on SnackVideo to various social media that you have. By sharing your videos on various social media, you will be more known and more people will visit and even follow you on your SnackVideo account.

A content creator needs consistency in producing short videos, uploading, interacting and choosing the right social media platforms to share their work. By regularly doing these activities, slowly but surely, content creators will find their loyal, relevant audience.

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