9 Best Song Download Sites, Legal and Free

 For those of you who like to listen to music using a smartphone, of course you don't want to miss a fun moment when the song is playing. But instead of feeling calm and comfortable when playing songs, you actually have to wait for network buffering because the quota has run out.

For those of you who experience the above problems, you may be able to listen to music in offline mode. The trick is to download songs and save them on your gadget so you can play your favorite music at any time without having to run out of quota.

Here are a number of the best 2021 song download sites that are suitable for those of you who want to download songs legally and for free.

1. Downloadsong321

The full address is https://downloadlagu321.live, one of the song sites that you can enjoy, a variety of songs are available, until trending songs are also there. With a user-friendly website display, the process of downloading songs is also easy to do.

Not only downloads are available, you can play trending songs directly without the need to download the song.

2. Free Music Archive (FMA)

As the name suggests, this site provides a large selection of songs for free. In addition, this site is easy to use and also user friendly. So you can hear it's easy to play and download your favorite songs freely.

This song download site is already familiar to content creators. This is because this Free Music Archive provides a lot of songs that you can enjoy.

Generally, this song provider site contains many songs that are instrumental and suitable for the background of YouTube videos. Well, it's no wonder why this site is known by content creators.

3. Jamendo

Jamendo is the best song download site that has a cool and attractive appearance. On this website you can not only stream songs online, but you can also download the song.

The cool thing is that the songs on Jamendo can be downloaded for free and legally. So you don't have to think about it anymore to download it.

You don't have to worry about not finding your favorite playlist here. Because this site has more than 400 thousand tracks and more than 40 thousand artists on the song playlist.

Besides that, Jamendo also has other advantages such as an elegant appearance, free of charge, and can be easily downloaded.

4. MP3Skulls

This music website may be familiar to those of you who like to find free music. This MP3SKULLS site is one of the most popular websites for downloading free music.

One of the advantages of this website is that the music in it is quite complete and updated. So you no longer have to worry about not finding your favorite song here.

There are also advantages of MP3SKULLS, where the navigation features are easy and fast and you can download the music in MP3 or MP4 format.

5. NCS.io

Who is familiar when you hear the term 'No Copyright Music'. This term may be familiar, especially for those of you who work as a YouTube content creator.

As the name implies, you can download and use all the music in NCS for free. You no longer need to wait for approval from music creators to use it.

The thing that is no less cool than this website is that you can listen to updated music offline, for free, and of course legal.

There are many sites that are similar to this NCS, but this website is still popular and liked by many people because of its complete features.

However, the drawback of this song download site is that you need to create a new account first before starting to use it.

6. PureVolume

Purevolume is a website that provides a variety of songs from musicians and bands around the world. You can find your best playlist on this website. Besides that, it's cool that you have full access to download, upload, organize, and share songs for free.

You also don't need to worry because all the songs on PureVolume are free and legal, so they don't conflict with copyright.

PureVolume has a website that is quite friendly with easy and simple navigation. So that it can be accessed easily for various groups.

7. LastFM

There is another song site that is no less cool than PureVolume, namely LastFM. LastFM is a site that provides free songs from well-known musicians, especially indie bands.

On this website to be able to see various lists of free music and can be downloaded, you can enter the 'Free Music Download' menu.

8. StafaBand

If some of the applications above are devoted to songs with western genres. It's different with this Stafaband site. On this site you can play and download the latest songs from various well-known genres in Indonesia. The genres are dangdut, pop songs and so on.

At least there are several advantages of this site, namely a complete database of songs, especially Indonesian songs, the songs can be downloaded in various types such as MP3 and MP4 (video). No less cool, StafaBand already has an application too. So you can listen to your favorite music even easier.

One of the most prominent shortcomings of this site is that it doesn't look up-to-date and unattractive. So that the millennial generation will feel less friendly when using this application.

9. MP3download.to

There is another best song download site that is no less cool than the sites we have mentioned above. This song site is MP3download.to. MP3download.to provides download and streaming services for songs of various genres.

In addition, the songs available on MP3download.to are always up to date and favorites. To search for songs on this website is very easy, you only need to know the title of the song and type it in the search field. After that you will be presented with a list of songs that can be played and downloaded for free.

MP3download.to also gives you the facility to download songs with audio and video types. However, the drawback of this application is that there are still many songs that are provided illegally. So, you still need to be careful when downloading songs on this site.

How? Have you found the right song site for you?

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