Alchemy Stars Anime Game Now in Indonesian


After being launched in April 2021 in several countries such as Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia, Tencent Games will continue the popularity of Alchemy Stars in Indonesia by presenting an Indonesian version.

Alchemy Stars is a mobile game that combines anime, strategy, RPG and is wrapped in a unique story, cutting-edge graphics and dynamic background music.

Collaborating with Tourdog Studio, Tencent Games introduced Alchemy Stars as a revolutionary mobile game with a line strategy RPG concept and successfully recorded 7 million registrations at the first launch, making them one of the most popular anime games in Japan today.

The gameplay combines innovative strategy with card play in turn-based combat. Players must master the elements that exist to make the best plan. There is also an auto-combat mode, which makes this game suitable for all RPG fans to access.

Players who pre-register can get rewards when the game launches at the end of September. Prizes start from 5000 Nightium when pre-registration reaches 10 thousand registrants, 100 Lumamber for 50 thousand registrants, Anonymous Gift I for 100 thousand registrants, 3 Star Flare for 200 registrants, and limited furniture if the number of registrations reaches the target of 500 thousand registrants.

While the background story of Alchemy Stars combines aspects of science and magic. There is a world of light and darkness within Alchemy Stars, but the two collide when Aurorian and the Caelestites, who have lived peacefully in the land of Astra for hundreds of years are forced to confront a mysterious organization that controls demonic beings, known as the Eclipsites, to exterminate the Caelestites.

The survivors of the attack must live in exile, until an Aurorian arrives and brings the Caelestites back to the surface to embark on an epic adventure and create a new legend.

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