Don't Let iPhone 13 Launch Without This Upgrade


The iPhone 13 is almost certain to go official tonight. As usual, the arrival of the new generation of iPhone was greeted with very high hype from consumers and the industry in general. However, of course Apple needs to immerse the awaited update.

The iPhone 13 is predicted to look not much different from the iPhone 12 except the notch may be smaller and there are new colors. Of course the innards will be improved, especially the powerful A15 Bionic processor. Then the camera will likely be sharper in dark situations.

"But none of those features matter without a key upgrade, namely longer battery life," says Tom's Guide.

Yes, the iPhone 12 battery is already quite durable but it would be nice if it was further improved. The good news, rumors say that all iPhone 13 models will be increased in resource capacity.

But Apple usually doesn't open up about battery capacity at launch, so it has to wait afterward when someone disassembles it.

The iPhone 13 Mini reportedly has a 2,406 mAh battery, from the previous 2,227 mAh on the iPhone 12, which only lasted about 7 hours to access websites. With this increase, the iPhone 13 Mini is said to last 1 hour more.

Other models, namely the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, will also increase their battery capacity. The iPhone 13 Pro Max battery is likely to be 4,352 mAh from 3,687 mAh, which is the largest among the other iPhone 13s.

"Of course many things determine battery life, not just size. So, any progress Apple can make to extend the battery life of the iPhone 13 would be welcomed," said Tom's Guide. We'll see what Apple will present on the iPhone 13 in a few hours.

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