Easy Way to Convert Word Document File to PDF


Usually, when we are at work or at school, we are required to create a document with the Portable Document Format (PDF) document file format.

Because with the PDF format the document received looks neater because it will not change the layout of the contents of the document even though it is opened on any device, either from a smartphone or laptop.

In contrast to other formats, such as DOCX, the layout can be messy. Well, here's an easy way to change the file format:

1. From Microsoft Word

For those of you who have Microsoft Word software on a PC, this is the easiest way to convert Word to PDF. However, this feature can only be done for Microsoft Word version 2007 and above. Here are the steps:

Open the Word document you want to convert

Click the "File" tab located in the upper left corner of the screen

Select "Save As" after that write the name of the document and choose where the document will be saved.

Then convert the document from Word(.docx) to PDF (.PDF)

If you are finished then click "Save" so the file will be automatically saved with a PDF file.

2. Google Drive

Apart from using Microsoft Word, you can also use Google Drive as another alternative to convert Word document files to PDF. But before that make sure you already have a Google account and this method can only be done via a PC. Here's how:

Go to drive.google.com page

Click the "New" option > "File upload"

Then upload the desired word document file to convert to PDF

After the file is uploaded, click on the document. You will be redirected to a Google Docs page containing the document.

After the document page opens, click on File > Download As > select PDF Document (.pdf). Download and save the PDF file in the folder you want.

3. Via Application

Download the Fast PDF Converter and PDF Reader application on the Google Play Store. The same application is also available on the Apple App Store under the name PDF Converter and PDF Reader. Both of these applications can be downloaded for free.

Open the application, on the main page you see a number of options such as reading, editing, merging, and conversion.

To convert a Word document to a PDF scroll down and select the "Word to PDF" option.

After giving permission to the application to access photos, media and files on the smartphone, select the "Select Doc" menu and select the document you want to convert.

After that wait for it to finish. File size can affect conversion speed, so larger files take longer to process.

Once done, your Word file has been turned into a PDF. You will then be asked to download the modified document.

4. No app

For those of you who want to convert Word to PDF without an application, you can use the website. This can be done with a laptop or cellphone (HP). Here's how:

Go to www.smallpdf.com. Then to convert a Word document into a PDF, scroll until you find the light blue 'Word to PDF' option. To convert a PDF to Word document, you can click the 'PDF to Word' option below it.

Then click Choose File to select which document you want to change. In addition to retrieving documents offline on your smartphone, there is also an option to retrieve documents from Dropbox and Google Drive.

After selecting the document you want to change, you just need to wait until the document is finished processing.

After processing, you can download the PDF or Word document to your smartphone or upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

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