Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! Showdown Final Battle Erza vs Kagura


Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! released the latest SS Partner, namely Kagura Mikazuchi in the Glowing Fortune event. He is a Physical type character, with extraordinary abilities.

Not only does it have a very strong attack, however, it can also give Debuffs to its opponents.

The presence of Kagura in Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!, makes him the main rival for SS Partner Final Battle Erza. Similar to the Physical type, these two characters also have similar characteristics.

Based on the original story from the Manga, Kagura and Erza also had time to fight in the Grand Magic Games event. Both of them display terrifying power, especially Kagura's attack when Archenemy's sword is removed from its scabbard.

So, between these two partners, which one should you have?

Skill Comparison


Kagura has two Area attacks, one of which is Undrawn Long Sword, which can attack five enemies in a row. After using the skill, Kagura will enter the Rest state for 1 Turn.

By using the Strong Form Skill, Kagura can attack one enemy, using the strongest slash. This attack does not trigger Protect nor Defense.

Finally, his active attack is called Slashing Form. Can attack four enemies, with one powerful slash and have a 30% chance to reduce 50% of opponent's Heal for 3 Turns.

In addition to the skills above, he also has advantages such as the Gravity Change Skill. This ability decreases the opponent's Speed ​​randomly at every turn.

With his sword skills, he can also penetrate the opponent's defense through his Ignore Defense attribute.

Final Battle Erza

Erza has two active skills, one of which is Skill area (AOE). His Twin Blades skill, will cause Physical Damage to five enemies and make Erza enter Rest status for 1 Turn.

Then there's Benizakura's Demon Blade, a very powerful attack, which occurs when Erza's HP is running low. This will deal Physical Damage to one enemy.

Unlike Kagura, Final Battle Erza has several Passive Skills, helping her become even stronger. One of them is the Kept Faith Skill, which has a chance to refresh Erza's Rest status, after using the Twin Blades Skill.

It also has the ability to Regenerate every turn and attack, resulting in neither triggering Defense nor Protect.

Final Showdown - Final Battle Erza vs Kagura

Based on the skill comparison above, it can be seen that these two SS Partners have their respective advantages.

Final Battle Erza is a character that can produce very high damage. In addition, it is also able to last longer because of its regeneration ability.

While Kagura is an SS Partner, who has strong attacks and Debuff abilities such as decreasing Speed ​​and Healing opponents. This character, also has two Skill areas, suitable for fighting against powerful monsters in certain events.

You can get SS Partner Kagura right now at the Glowing Fortune Event until September 15, 2021. So, Login Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! you now and get the newest Partner.

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