MediaTek Soars, Qualcomm Slumps

MediaTek increased its lead over Qualcomm during Q2 2021, where MediaTek's market share shot up and Qualcomm slumped.

According to a report from Counterpoint Research, during Q2 2021 MediaTek's market share increased to 43%, which is based on the number of systems on a chip shipped worldwide.

On the other hand, Qualcomm's market share declined to 24%. This means that MediaTek's market share rose 8% and Qualcomm's market share decreased 5% in the quarter compared to the previous quarter.

Qualcomm's fortunes have been helped by their modem chips, where they are still the market leader in the 5G modem realm with 55% market share, while MediaTek is only 30%. Both experienced an increase, namely 16% and 19%.

MediaTek itself takes Qualcomm's position from the SoC market leader in 2020. That is, with a strategy that focuses on the middle and lower class segments. But now it seems they will start to penetrate the flagship SoC market.

This step follows the success of their Dimensity chip, which proves that MediaTek's chips have fast performance. For example, Xiaomi and Poco, which recently released several new phones with Dimensity chips from the Taiwanese company.

Even so, the current SoC from Qualcomm still seems to be the main choice for high-end phones from various manufacturers. Even so, Qualcomm is currently still struggling to meet demand due to the scarcity of chips.

The phone manufacturers themselves now seem to be starting to follow Apple's lead, namely by designing their own chips. Like Samsung with Exynos, then Google through SoC Tensor on Pixel 6.

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