Nintendo Switch Price Drops in Europe, Other Countries How?


Nintendo Switch is experiencing a price drop in Europe. This change also applies to the Lite version. What influenced it?

Although sales of the console surpassed the popularity of the Xbox 360 and PS3, which almost touched 90 million units sold. However, Nintendo officially lowered prices and forced retailers to follow suit.

According to Nintendo's official website for the UK region, the Nintendo Switch is now priced at £259.99. While the Lite version is worth 199.99 pounds.

The decrease experienced for the standard version as much as 20 pounds . So the initial price, which reached 279.99 pounds.

At least there are several factors revealed why the price decreased. Nintendo made changes, related to the currency exchange rates in the region and the future release of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

"We made price changes prior to the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED model. So the price difference between each model at Nintendo's own retail store, the My Nintendo Store, will be what Nintendo judges appropriate for its own store," a Nintendo spokesperson said.

The decision, they have also carefully weighed through various factors. Until finally decided that now is the right time to change the trading price of the European Switch.

Meanwhile, the OLED version will arrive on October 8, 2021. Developers have also leaked the official price through their website, worth 309.99 pounds sterling for the European region.

Meanwhile, when referring to the dollar, the value is lower, only USD 349.99. Even so, Nintendo still hasn't given any news as to whether they will also make changes to the Nintendo Switch price in other regions.

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