Online Shopping Better at Online Shop or e-Commerce?


The trend of people's online shopping is increasing over time and accelerated by the pandemic and social restrictions. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, the purchased items can reach your home easily.

Not only from the consumer side, sellers are also flocking to shift their wares online. Because in addition to following the growing market trend, selling online is also considered to be able to reduce many costs such as renting shop houses and others.

This also makes online sellers increasingly moldy. The public is also faced with many choices of platforms for online shopping, such as e-commerce and marketplaces to online shops. Reported from various sources, here are the pluses and minuses of shopping through e-commerce and online shops.

e-Commerce only sells products from the website itself. This is different from the marketplace, which actually has a concept similar to traditional markets, although now the understanding between e-commerce and marketplace has become increasingly ambiguous and similar in the community.

Basically, the marketplace provides a place for those who want to sell on their website. In the marketplace, you can find many items and price variants from various stores.

Marketplaces also usually have an integrated system in terms of financial transactions. It could be that this system makes buyers feel more secure. However, because there is such a system, the marketplace takes profit from the seller so that the goods you buy may be higher in price.

Online Shop

Online shop refers to various stores that exist on online platforms such as websites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Unlike the marketplace and e-Commerce, the financial payment system when shopping at an online shop is separated from the system.

You will make payment via wire transfer and send proof of payment. Then the seller will send the goods to the specified address. This could be more complicated, but you can also get a more competitive price.

Easier Ways to Pay Online Shopping

Online shopping through online shops or e-commerce and marketplaces certainly has its own pluses and minuses and that goes back to people's preferences. However, for easier and hassle-free online shopping payments, people can use a digital wallet.

Because digital wallets can be used for payments and transactions in e-commerce and online shops and provide more secure protection. For example, when shopping at an online shop, people can ask the seller first whether to use a digital wallet.

If so, you digital wallet users ask the seller to send a link for easier and safer payments. In addition, there are other options for processing payments, namely digital wallet users can transfer to the seller's digital wallet account or seller's account.

Another advantage is that digital wallet users can combine payments between digital wallet balances and bank cards that have been registered via digital wallets. This is so #BebasDrama and #BebasRibet users when shopping online.

To make shopping easier, let's download and use a digital wallet now!

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