Try it! 4 Fun Mobile Games to Get Rid of Bored At Home

 The pandemic and the imposition of restrictions on community activities make you have to limit yourself to leaving the house and doing various activities at home. But sometimes staying at home can actually make you bored and tired.

One of the things to overcome is to play games. Well, for those of you who are looking for any games to have fun during the pandemic, here's the list.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

This game made by Moonton is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games among Indonesian gamers. It seems every gamer must have played this game.

The gameplay is very easy by using virtual analogues which makes it less difficult for you to control the hero being played. You can play alone or have fun playing with friends and family.

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is still included in the list of popular mobile games that are widely played. PUBG has become a successful game on several platforms, from PCs to smartphones. The mobile version is even more dominant now.

The presence of PUBG on mobile devices is certainly highly anticipated by gamers. Even those who don't have a capable PC can feel the excitement of battle royale on a smartphone. This can get rid of boredom while at home.

Ragnarok X

This online game which is usually played in a mabar way can indeed be one of the choices for exciting games, especially if you play with Ragnarok online with friends. This type of MMORPG online game can be played armed with an Android and iOS-based smartphone, so you don't have to have a PC/Laptop device.

Interestingly, Ragnarok can also be played with other players by forming a party to fight very strong monsters.

Genshin Impact

For those of you who like adventure and explore a beautiful world, Genshin Impact can be the right choice for the game to get rid of boredom at home. Through Genshin Impact, you can explore a vast and beautiful world.

You can also complete various missions, fight bosses to play co-op with friends. One of the things that is quite thrilling when playing Genshin Impact is when you pull the gacha to get the character. If you are lucky, you can get five-star characters easily.

Lords Mobile

For lovers of royal and war themed games, Lords Mobile can be a recommendation. Because Lords Mobile is one of the most popular strategy games today.

You will feel how to build your own empire. Although at first glance the concept that is carried is almost the same as Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile offers more complex features.


Talking about Roblox, this game has a popularity that is not inferior to Minecraft. Roblox is one of the games that is quite interesting and loved by many players, especially children.

The difference is, Roblox focuses more on a wide selection of mini games that can be played with other players online. Various choices of mini games can be tested, of course it's fun. It's even more exciting when playing Roblox with friends, playing together alias mabar.

Those are the six games that can be played to get rid of boredom at home. If you want more fun, you can top up to meet the needs of various equipment in the game you choose. The good news is, during the month of September, DANA & Google Play provides attractive promos for top ups in several games.

The promo is in the form of a thousand discount + bonus promo according to the game above. The promo is divided into 2 batches. The first batch is in the period 3-16 September 2021. During this period DANA users can get bonus item package promos in the Lords Mobile game, item package bonuses in Mobile Legends, and Special Crate Coupons prices in PUBG.

Then the second batch will take place on September 17-30, 2021. During this period, DANA provides a promo price for Special Crate Coupons at PUBG, a 50% discount on Roblox items, a 50% discount on Bundle Genshin Impact, and a free special package for Ragnarok X.

By taking advantage of this discount, you can play more exciting games and can get rid of boredom even though you are at home.

Come on, download now!

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