Unfortunately, Bill Gates, Melinda is now his best friend

 Bill Gates officially divorced from Melinda French. Abandoned by his wife, now he is also left behind by his best friend who resigned from his position at the Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation after 15 years in office.

He is a well-known investor Warren Buffett who resigned from Bill Gates. Buffett's departure comes at a time when the foundation has been embroiled in various scandals, including allegations of mistreatment of women leveled against Bill Gates and the money manager of the Gates Foundation's endowment, Michael Larson. Both men deny the accusations.

The timing of his resignation also comes shortly after Buffett himself became the subject of a ProPublica investigation into how little income tax billionaires pay. ProPublica reports Buffett's 'true tax rate' was just one-tenth of 1% between 2014 and 2018.

While Buffett may seem generous in spending billions of dollars, some tax experts think Buffett probably doesn't have much choice in this regard. It appears that he is legally obligated to continue to make donations to the foundation.

But in 2006, Buffett wrote to Bill and Melinda French Gates stating that he was 'committed to giving away the annual prize of Berkshire Hathaway 'B' stock for the rest of my life'. Buffett also noted that he intended for his donations to continue even after his death.

While Buffett describes his retirement as simply a consequence of getting older and that it's time to retire from professional responsibilities, the incident coincides with the ongoing controversy surrounding Bill Gates. This makes people wonder, was Gates shunned by his best friend?

On the same day as Buffett's announcement, new questions arose about the Gates Foundation's financial manager, Michael Larson, who also manages much of Bill Gates' personal fortune. Thus quoting The Nation.

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